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Grayscale Digital is a web development and software consultancy based in Austin, Texas, and run by me, James. Grayscale specializes in cutting-edge JavaScript and creating fast, lightweight web applications and tools that get the job done. My past work is used by thousands of customers every day, and with over 7 years of experience in the field, I’m ready to build the tools that you need.

The Team (me)

James Irwin

James Irwin

B.A. Liberal Arts, St. John’s College Santa Fe

I am a creative, passionate freelance developer with proven skills in media and technology. My broad background (music, philosophy, theatre) puts me in a unique position to tackle new problems. Emphasizing learning and insight, I use my diversity to focus on big-picture thinking and eliminating what’s not essential.

What I Do

Web applications — From augmenting a simple marketing site with additional functionality to implementing full-stack applications, this is my speciality.

Internal administrative tools — If your team is hacking their way through multi-step manual processes, let me help ease your pain.

Progressive Web Applications — For mobile, desktop, or both, PWAs are a great way to create responsive, performant tools that can often replace native applications (and even work offline).

App integrations — Instead of copying and pasting things from Excel into your legacy systems, let me connect the pieces and increase your team’s productivity.

CMSs — I can set up lightweight, lightning-fast Content Management Systems for your customer-facing websites.

Data vizualizations, dashboards, and insights — Gain greater insight into how your business or project is doing by aggregating information from disparate data sources and platforms.


Whatever your needs are, I can most likely help you, or refer you to a partner that can. But if you know what you want your site or application built with, I have extensive experience with these things in particular:

      • JavaScript
        • React
        • React Native
        • Vue.js
        • Angular 1.x
        • Dojo
      • AWS
        • Lambda (serverless architectures)
        • DynamoDB
        • EC2
        • S3
        • IAM
        • And many more
      • Linux server administration
      • Python
      • Elixir
      • Red